Observing the Messier Objects with a Small Telescope by Philip Pugh, Anthony Glover, Kulvinder Singh Chada and Manchester Astronomical Society

First of all, this isn't just "my" book. Many thanks to Anthony for the imaging details, Mike Deegan and Manchester Astronomical Society for the images and Kulvinder Singh Chada for the chapter on Charles.

Whilst the Messier "Catalogue" has been superceded by more comprehensive lists of deep sky objects, many casual observers still refer to the better known objects by their Messier "M" number. Admitedly, many of the objects (as seen through a small telescope) are more ones to cross off the list of things to see before you die but others are pure eye candy. I certainly had a few nice surprises when researching the book. Indeed, the story of how the book started and was (finally!) finished is almost a story in itself, with me having some cold nights out catching the Virgo Supercluster and more southerly objects near the galactic centre to finish off the observations. Although images are included, the prime purpose of the book is a visual guide.

This book gives realistic expectations on what to expect, plus information about to find the objects.

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