Observing the Sun with Coronado telescopes and filters

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First of all, it isn't just "my" book, there was a whole team of us, each specialising on some aspect of solar observation and photography. The objectives of the book were:

The first part of the book deals with the basics of solar observing, the capabilities and limitations of "white light" viewing and what led me to become interested in it in the first place.
The second part gives an appraisal of each of the Coronado telescopes and filters. It contains my detailed analysis of the entry-level Personal Solar Telescope (PST). This includes a comprehensive list of accessories. The other detailed analysis is that of Larry Alvarez and his MaxScope 90 dedicated telescope and includes some amazing photographs. Mike Taormina has described the CaK 70, Nick Howes the CaK PST and Cameran Ashraf the double stacked PST. There are also contributions from Hiram Villareal and John Watson.
The third part is by Nick Howes and describes imaging techniques in detail. Some of his results are breathtaking, even with modest equipment.
The fourth part describes alternative products and has major contributions from Marcello Lugli on CromixSun and Jeff Pettit on the Thousand Oaks filters.
It is rounded off by a description of the physics of the Sun, a conclusion and a price list current at the time of publication.
It is suitable for anyone who owns equipment for solar narrowband filtering or is considering doing so in the future. Although most suited to people who are of "intermediate" knowledge, it is useful for anyone who would like to know the capabilities and limitations of the equipment available.

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