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This is a new idea but I'm sure it has been "co-thought" by several other people, maybe as many as 6 billion. As an astronomy writer who has had books and magazine articles published, there are several reasons why I wish to supplement these writings.
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Firstly, despite the digital age, many of us like to curl up in bed or on a sofa to read printed material. I hope that the idea of books and magazines does not go out of fashion completely! OK, I read a lot of online material and I do use a Kindle app on my tablet. Yet, I still read books and magazines.
One of the disadvantages of printed material is that it cannot be changed once printed. Although books can be revised and reprinted, most publishers are reluctant to do so. As for magazine articles, usually, they are not re-read very often and most people discard or pass on magazines, once read. Having web pages allows writers to provide supplementary information to augment printed material and make additions/corrections.
Another advantage of supplementary online content is that it provides the ability to show animations and link to videos and related information. Length is not a problem, although anything too long with too many cross-links and page downs might bore some readers.
Not that I wish to "bite off the hand that feeds" or "kill the golden goose" but one issue many writers have is that publishers do not always accept what we've written, for various reasons. I can give many examples of "killer" articles I have written that have been rejected but some of my writings that I was not 100% happy with have made it to the press. Also, I have written for a now-defunct charity online magazine "Astronomy Wise". I will, in time, provide them here, with a bit of editing and updating first, of course.
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